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At a time when India and Iran are mentioned together as countries whose nuclear aspirations have gained the ear of the world, Talking India furnishes a salutary reminder of other conversations that can take place between ancient civilizations and of the rich history, now only occasionally remembered, of the intellectual, cultural and political exchanges between India and Iran. In 1989, explains Ramin Jahanbegloo, one of Iran’s leading intellectuals, he became interested in the work of Ashis Nandy, and over the course of the next decade he lured Nandy into several lengthy conversations. By the late 1980s, certainly, Nandy had already established an international reputation as a leading Indian voice in debates on modern science, the political cultures of India, secularism, violence and modernity, the logic of development, and the politics of knowledge; down to the present day, he remains ndia’s most distinctive intellectual figure, alluringly independent of the conventions of the academy, the intellectual fashions of the day, the platitudes of social science discourse, and the comfortable certitudes of the middle class..

Thus Hummel sponsors Afghanistan national football teams, founded a football training academy in Sierra Leone in 2010 and supports a local team in Christiana, the hippy commune in Copenhagen. Puma, adidas those big brands can sponsor the Afghanistan team because for them it too dangerous, too political, but as a smaller brand we can, says Stadil. Would he class himself as a hippy? some point, yes, but I like to make money..

Bunyaviruses are considered to be emerging pathogens facilitated by the segmented nature of their genome that allows reassortment between different species to generate novel viruses with altered pathogenicity. Bunyaviruses are transmitted via a diverse range of arthropod vectors, as well as rodents, and have established a global disease range with massive importance in healthcare, animal welfare and economics. There are no vaccines or anti viral therapies available to treat human bunyavirus infections and so development of new anti viral strategies is urgently required.

Only do we have legislation that would solve the issue of research, the American people overwhelmingly support legalizing cannabis period, he said on Twitter. War on drugs has ruined countless lives. It past time we end this senseless prohibition. Wild bonobos (Pan paniscus), chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), Western gorillas (Gorilla gorilla), and orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus, Pongo abelii) are threatened with extinction. In order to help maintain a self sustaining zoo population, clinicians require a sound understanding of the diseases with which they might be presented. To provide an up to date perspective on great ape morbidity and mortality, a systematic review of the zoological and veterinary literature of great apes from 1990 to 2014 was conducted.

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