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“Out biggest concern is while we think a new venue is a good idea we need to make sure we’re not just looking at the cost of building it but maintaining it as well. None of us in the community wants to go into the hole.” A new centre could give the full range of performance venues appropriate for a city of Kamloops’ size, she said. Conceivably, that might involve a new concert hall with 1,000 seats with a small theatre of 350 seats included.

I think the heightened awareness to concussions influences it quite a bit.”Eleven players who were primarily catchers last season are signed to contracts running through 2016 and beyond, with a total of $565.45 million in remaining guaranteed salary, according to calculations by The .MLB watched as the NFL reached a $765 million settlement last summer in a concussion related lawsuit by former players, and a group of hockey players sued the NHL last month over brain trauma.”How much is it that they’re paid a lot more than they used to be?” said New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson, chairman of the rules committee. “It’s a combination of those things. But I think what’s crystalized our thinking is probably the concussion issue.

THE 2,500 degree F. Glory hole” roars with orange hot fire. Blue jets of flame hiss from propane torches. The company, which has grown fast in the auto retailing business through acquisitions, said profit from continuing operations increased to $66.9 million, or 15 cents a diluted share. A year earlier, it had a loss before charges of $11 million, or 3 cents. Revenue rose 83 percent to $2.93 billion from $1.60 billion.

Follow CNNHong Kong (CNN)China has fiercely defended an escalating crackdown in the far western province of Xinjiang as necessary for security, claiming inmates of “re education camps” are happier following their imprisonment.International outrage has been growing over reports the Chinese government has forced as many as one million people into “re education camps,” where former detainees say they were forced to endure intensive “brain washing” sessions including close study of Communist Party propaganda.In the most vocal defense yet of the mass internment of the mostly Muslim Uyghur minority group, Shohrat Zakir, a high ranking Xinjiang government official, told state media the Chinese government was fighting “terrorism and extremism” in its own way, and in accordance with United Nations resolutions.”Today’s Xinjiang is not only beautiful but also safe and stable. No matter where they are or at what time of the day, people are no longer afraid of going out, shopping, dining and traveling,” he told state run news agency Xinhua, Tuesday.The camps are part of Chinese government efforts to combat what it says is a rising tide of extremism in the far western province of Xinjiang. The majority of the province’s population were until recently Uyghurs rather than Han Chinese.Shohrat Zakir’s interview came as Nikki Haley, Washington’s ambassador to the UN, denounced the situation in the region as “straight out of George Orwell.”Speaking to a meeting of defense ministers in Washington Monday, Haley said Beijing was engaged in “the persecution of religious and ethnic minorities.””Their brutal tactics are self fulfilling.

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