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But that doesn mean excessive screen time won cause other issues: Research suggests that blue light exposure may result in damage to the retina plus long term vision problems such as age related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts, says Bazan. Not to mention, it might suppress the natural release of melatonin, disrupting sleep, and be effing with your metabolism. Not cool.

Anyway the band blasted through a short set of nine or ten songs which was a pretty good cross section of their career to date. There was a huge trolley camera right behind me, so if you really sad you can take a look at the DVD and see the back of my spikey head bobbing up and down in the foreground in many of the shots. Towards the end of the show as On Up is playing out, the camera angle reverses and there a clear close shot of me clapping..

Elizabeth Bowen TMs The Heat of the Day (1949) is a novel permeated with the architectural ruins of the Second World War. This article is concerned with the shock effects the war had on Bowen TMs understanding of the material world and the resultant implications for the late modernist narrative strategies she employs in The Heat of the Day. Drawing on theoretical understandings of space and place from cultural geography, I focus critical attention on the marked materialities of the novel.

Algerian artists and intellectuals have responded to the political crisis and bloody civil war by voicing their concerns over Algeria’s future. Because they have been critical of the violence, divisions, and hostility within their nation and the government’s failure to live up to either the Socialist or Islamic principles it has advocated since the country’s independence (Langlois 270), Algerian artists and intellectuals have been subjected to violent attacks and kidnapping. Cheb Hasni was a leading rai artist who dedicated most of his songs to love and its torments.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, motivated President Barack Obama to issue executive action to strengthen the background check system, but Congress failed to pass legislation expanding the checks to gun shows and Internet sales. Republicans then took control of Congress by winning the Senate in 2014 and the White House in 2016, halting that bill and other measures. In October, a year after 58 people were killed in the Las Vegas shooting, President Donald Trump said that “bump stocks,” which make rifles fire at a faster rate, would be banned in the coming weeks.

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