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As is common in India, the museum displays resonate with inspiring slogans and exemplary didactic lessons except that the unmistakable impression that is conveyed is that once the duty of parading homilies has been fulfilled, they can be easily dismissed as bearing little or no relationship to life. Gandhi experimented for the greater part of his life with toilets that would work with little or no water. One display in the Aga Khan museum complex is entitled “bhangi mukti” [freedom for the scavenger], but the lower half of the exhibit has been wiped out; the following panel, on the subject of “Cleanliness and Public Hygiene”, is one big blur..

He is unfazed by new competition moving into Hungary, including foreign based franchise chains such as the Canadian Sooters Photo Stores. His chain still has exclusive rights to market designer optical wear for Ray Ban, Yves Saint Laurent and Cartier. Even if only 30 FOTEX stores are competing with 150 Sooters in five years, he says, FOTEX will still bring in the greater profit..

But I think that there are a fair number of companies out there for which neither point holds true. There no question that the share buybacks and dividend payments pushed for by activists boost stock prices in the short term. But as many economists have been arguing for the last several years, there never been a better time for companies to do big capital investment projects from building new factories to buying new technology, expanding overseas, or developing new business offshoots than there has been since the Fed lowered interest rates to record levels after the financial crisis.

For me, there’s nothing like unearthing a $9 pair of well fitting jeans or turning a floor length tank dress into a short, strapless mini (with little to no sewing). I noticed my friend’s awesome Mossimo Pollyann sandals about a month ago a rich brown with a braid running up the center, more feminine than a gladiator sandal but still tough looking. I fell in love, especially after she told me the price: $22.99.

Light brown eyes understated appealIf you’ve seen Natalie Portman’s or Julia Roberts’s eyes, you can understand the appeal of light brown eyes. Light enough to contrast beautifully against a dark eyeliner and dark eyelashes, light brown eyes are unusual enough to give your eyes some “pop” but while still retaining the warm, sexy glow of brown eyes. They also look natural if brown eyes are better suited to your natural complexion and hair color, but lighter brown eyes can give you a hard to pinpoint radiance that many will subtly notice and appreciate..

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