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Russia put a stranglehold on the medal count Sunday by sweeping the men’s 50 K mass start free in cross country. The three medals gave Russia a medal count of 33 (13 gold, 11 silver, and nine bronze). The USA has 28 overall medals (nine gold, seven silver, and 12 bronze).

Four years of covering the politics of Europe has left me with vivid and treasured memories. Of course, after so many years reporting on British politicians at Westminster, it was fascinating to see how other countries’ leaders play the game: the jazz bands and razzmatazz of Silvio Berlusconi’s rallies in Rome, the controlled aggression of a Sarkozy performance, the low key Mrs Merkel more than a rival for the men in terms of substance, if not style. But it is the grittier stuff that sticks in the mind..

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Can’t blame it on that. Simply the final brain freeze of 2012. By the way, Manning was named AFC offensive player of the week for the 23rd time on Wednesday. That ties him with Brady for the most all time since the award was started in 1984. Stevie Brown of the Giants was named defensive player of the week. He had an interception in a rout of the Eagles on Sunday, and finished with eight, second to Chicago’s Tim Jennings. The PR staff says it is the most interceptions by a Giant since Willie Williams had 10 in 1968.

Taurus sun x Pisces moonCreative. Imaginative. Need and desire for sympathy and affection. My understanding is that lenses go from WIP to locked pretty quickly if they aren’t edited, so maybe those 12 were actually locked?As you work your way through the imported lenses, if you notice other issues please do let us know about them. We’ve compared hundreds and hundreds of lenses side by side with the imported Hubs in our testing, but this process was built in a short amount of time and the translation process is quite complicated. We’ve done our best, but I’m sure we’ve missed some issues.Nancy Hardinposted 5 years agoThanks for all the help you’ve given us on what to expect with the lens transfer.

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