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The moment is indescribable but I can outline its basic emotional and visual content. I heard medical voices in the dark and heard the word and I know now this was when they were putting in a breathing tube and placing me on a ventilator. At the time it was happening, the sensation was as if I had been hung upside down in complete blackness, unable to draw a good breath, unable to talk or scream no matter how hard I tried.

After many months of campaigning and much speculation we now know Andy Street will be the West Midlands Mayor for the next three years. Notwithstanding central government commitment to strengthening accountable, local leadership through the introduction of Metro Mayors, they have not yet delegated many major powers. The convening power of the Mayor will be much more significant than his initial formal powers.

Following treatment, dissolution was assessed using scanning electron microscope images and a qualitative diatom dissolution index. The diatoms were subsequently analysed for their 18O values using step wise fluorination and isotope ratio mass spectrometry.Results: Variable levels of diatom dissolution were observed between the six samples; in all cases higher temperatures resulted in more frustule degradation. Dissolution was most evident in younger samples, probably as a result of the more porous nature of the silica.

Et, alors, j pu me d Aujourd je sais que s l de Soi jour o je me suis aim pour de vrai, j cess d peur du temps libre et j arr de faire de grands plans, j abandonn les grands projets du futur. Aujourd je fais ce qui est bien, ce que j quand me plait et mon rythme. Aujourd je sais que s la Simplicit jour o je me suis aim pour de vrai, j commenc me lib de tout ce qui ne m pas salutaire.

Creaky wooden stairs led to the women’s gallery where the seats faced away from the sanctuary toward the windows. I peered over the open lattice railing and became fixated on the hanging antique light fixtures with tilted candles. I later read that these hanging candlelit lamps are the oldest known examples from this era.

Today PaperIt’s here. When else but Christmas would you visit a post office twice in a day? I am beginning to dream of never ending, rising piles of packages. The front door breaking open from a flood of red collection slips. In reality, it’s a little hazier. Statistics tend to show that teenagers who watch films that feature smoking are more likely to have tried cigarettes themselves, but the causal relationship between the two isn’t proven. That’s not to say one doesn’t exist, though and in the past, tobacco companies themselves have banked on the connection..

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