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Love Paragraph 1You are a wonderful, careful and tender girlfriend; you are beautiful in every sense. Ive never seen you annoyed with the world or life itself, the only thing I constantly notice is your will to strive after a better tomorrow for us and everyone else around you. You are a very special girlfriend, for you always have time for me; you support me in every way and always shower me with lots of attention.

“We’re heading towards the millennium and people are looking for something, anything, to believe in,” offers Dnash, a Westport musician and fang maker whose sharp porcelain teeth can be found in the mouths of local role players and vampyres alike. “Vampires are a metaphor for the misunderstood, the lost, the different, the people who live on the fringes. It’s an easy thing to latch on to.”.

Social media craze14:59, 24 NOV 2019Liverpool born Adam Jordan tells of his luxurious lifestyle driving supercars, renting villas and partying in Hollywood Hills after launching an Instagram businessChild abuseMum’s horror as Facebook photos of son, 2, are used on website about child abuseJodie Alston, from Keswick in Cumbria, was horrified when pictures of her son Oliver were posted online claiming he had been starved by his parentsTrainsMan on laptop slammed for ‘not offering seat’ to commuter with crutches on trainA fellow commuter snapped the moment the man apparently failed to offer his seat to a woman on crutches on a rush hour train in LondonKendall JennerKendall Jenner inspired ‘sadfishing’ trend ‘puts children at risk of grooming”Sadfishing’ is a term used to describe when someone posts about an emotional problem online in a perceived bid to hook an audience and gain attentionDownton AbbeyPaul Routledge: Downton Abbey is a fantasy about a caring upper class that never even existedThe idea that the Crawleys of this world were or are, right now benevolent employers who cared deeply about their servants is strictly for the birds. Peacocks on the lawn, most likelySocial media crazePaul Routledge: Childhood’s now a lonely world of lost innocence.My daughters grew up free from the pressures of social media harassment, celeb culture, gender confusion and endless school testing. Throw in the fathomless idiocy of Love Island and internet porn, and you have a perfect cocktail of despair for today’s youngstersSocial media craze’Young’ vlogger shocks fans as glitch reveals she is middle aged woman using filterThe vlogger, who went by ‘Your Highness Qiao Biluo’, appeared to be a glamorous young woman, and boasted more than 100,000 followers on DouyuInstagramInstagram Bio history hack lets you cringe over your old bios here’s how it worksInstagram users have discovered a sneaky way to find their Bio history, with cringe worthy resultsFIFA Women’s World CupThailand’s celebrations at Women’s World Cup leaves coach in tears and fans delightedThe Chaba Kaew have lost their first two games, but seem to have won some new fansRelationshipsMillennials reviving ‘traditional’ skills like knitting and carpentry thanks to dadsForget social media millennials are tuned into arts, crafts and practical skills, picked up from their dadsSmartphonesAverage Brit spends 10 YEARS of their life staring at phones and computersAstounding study also finds that the average Brit will post 92,053 social media posts and receive 59 notifications per dayInstagramVet quits UK after posting Instagram pics of pets without owners’ permissionEXCLUSIVE: Natalia Strokowska became a social media hit through her snaps but she’s been reprimanded by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for serious professional misconductSocial media crazeParents warned about sick ‘Game of Death’ after footage emerges onlineWARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT “Game of Death” is an alarming new craze, feared to be sweeping the internet, and encourages children to strangle someone they know until they lose consciousness.

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