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About 160 million pairs of sunglasses were sold in the United States last year 40 million more pairs than in 1984, according to the Sunglass Association of America. A dramatic example of sunglasses’ increasing popularity involves Ray Ban’s Wayfarers, a chunky, 33 year old frame that actor Tom Cruise wore in the 1983 movie Risky Business. In 1981 Ray Ban sold 18,000 pairs of Wayfarers an all time low.

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D do offer other styles with polarized lenses that are less expensive, so it’s worth checking their range out. You have a choice of seven frames, and seven lenses, so that’s a lot of different combinations open to you to keep your personal style in check. They are a new style for 2012 but contain a lot of classic elements that will keep in fashion for a long time to come..

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Yesterday Dell issued a formal apology for a series of comments made during an event that took place in Copenhagen back in April. They hired Mads Christensen, a personality famous for poking fun at stereotypes, to moderate the Dell sponsored partner summit and apparently he made some rather off color remarks about women. While the remarks may have been suitable for a comedy club, many professionals did not find it appropriate for the event..

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He wears his Ray Ban shades indoors. Writes with an expensive fountain pen. Slouches a little, being tall and thin, and on the day hes awaited by a handful of reporters, he neglects to shave. Weather: it been raining these days! I am so thankful for it! So it was also raining on Friday, which made it more of a coat vibe than a t shirt vibe. I wore a new shirt (my first instagram buy I making you curious there will be a post of course) and it white. And my style eye does not like white on white together, because if the shades differ the one seem more dirty (mmm just got an idea for another post whoohoo winnings).

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