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This week Santa Clara County Board President Joe Simitian and Supervisor Susan Ellenberg announced they were co sponsoring a resolution that will be voted on this week by all county supervisors, urging Congress to pass legislation banning assault weapons. Those kinds of guns have been used in so many mass shootings the last decade, the supervisors said, killing more than 2000 people and injuring nearly 1,000 the face of evidence like this, a federal assault weapons ban is more than common sense. It is a moral imperative, the supervisors said.

So my computer prescription has to be spot on. are terrible for computer use, though. I cringe when I see people using them and tilting their head back and moving their entire head around to get part of the computer screen into the tiny sweet spot at the bottom of the lenses.

Bored of your same old mini skirt or your drab cardigans? Well, exchange one for the other by re functioning. I been delighted recently by two fashion bloggers and I adore their innovation. In the past I mentioned how much I love the idea of in your closet and these fresh ideas help further that notion!.

LEBANON, Ohio Eddie Hill has to give away his dog again. He’s absently petting the head of his panting chocolate lab, Meatball, who’s not much older than a puppy. Over the past two months, Hill taught Meatball how to sit, roll over, high five, heel and Hill’s favorite how to pretend to get shot and then slowly crash to the floor in a trick called “bang.” The two have spent every moment together, with Meatball even sleeping in Hill’s shared 7 by 10 foot cell with him every night.Hill’s been caring for and training dogs in three month stints for 10 years.

But sometimes consumers will try to cut corners by transporting the appliances themselves if the merchant doesn’t offer free delivery. If they can borrow a friend’s truck and avoid that delivery and installation charge, they figure, why not?If you have strong friends who can lift heavy appliances and have great DIY skills, that’s one thing, but keep in mind that the company you’re buying the appliance from is responsible for it until it’s installed. If you’re transporting it, and especially if you haven’t purchased a warranty to cover accidents (which, yes, many personal finance experts feel are a waste of money), you are taking a risk that you or a friend might drop it.[See: 10 Ways to Cut Your Spending This Week.]Over the years, newspapers have reported occasional stories of appliances falling out of flatbed trucks and onto the road, and similar tales pop up on various Web forums.

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