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At one time, it was the largest criminal court in the country. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas in Fort Smith from 1875 to 1896. Rose Collection 1750/Western History Collections/University of Oklahoma Libraries). For peeps: Happy pride month guys! These are my creative friends. UwU but we like to call ourselves a family. You seriously guys should check them out! 0 They’re some creative brats.

And Comis, B. And Couchot, F. And Coulais, A. Again as everyone has said the service is great, certainly not what I am used to and I would like to also thank the other posters recommending Patrick at Vision First. This has really helped the holiday finances. The customer care is out of this world with a service which can only be dreamed about in the UK.

The most impressive element may be one that is still in the works. As you can see in our demo, as we walk around the Best Buy, our phones get pinged as we enter a new area with special deals the home entertainment area, for example. That type of technology is already working obviously, but shopkick says that at first they going to focus on the more basic walk into the store experience..

Not too long ago, the answer to any pest solution was to gas it or poison it out of existence. Those practices led to a lot of harm by way of both the environment and health; pests are naturally adaptable and tough creatures which take quite a dosing to kill, and the concentrations of sprays and dusts needed proved harmful to almost every other living being as well. When the crisis began to come to a head, many people began asking if there were ways to control pests without the use of toxic chemicals..

Oral doses (30 mg/kg) of AR786 or vehicle were administered twice daily in either preventive (day ‘1 to “27) or treatment (day 14 “28) protocols. Effect maintenance was evaluated for 2 weeks after treatment discontinuation. Analgesia was observed both using preventive and treatment protocols, and was sustained after treatment discontinuation.

Results show that global climate science policy discourses universalise the myriad impacts of a changing climate into a single dichotomous impacted/not impacted scenario and aim to govern this world according to economic principles of cost “benefit analysis. These discourses use metaphors that draw on narrative structures prevalent in the wider culture to produce and legitimate a reductionist representation of climate change. This representation undermines public understanding of and engagement with climate change by marginalising subordinate policy framings which do not align with the prevailing dichotomous framing.

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