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The Cash N Carry became one of the most popular handbags of the 60s. Later, in the 1990s, designer “Kate Spade” started a line of the basic luggage style tote, Kate Spade was one of the first designers to turn out totes that were truly feminine yet still very functional. Spades more feminine design made the tote all the more desirable to women.

As Alibaba CEO Jack Ma so eloquently put it a number of times over the past decade, “customers are number one, employees are number two and shareholders are number three”. Add the inherent community link that banks have through housing and businesses and it’s a simple reminder of the priorities for success for the big four banks. Ma has gone one step further just to make his point clear: “It’s the customer who pay us the money, it’s the employees who drive the vision, and it’s the shareholders who when the (financial) crisis comes, these people ran away.

Since he was Tracy’s boss, Jack banished him to a week of white wine and catfights. But Tracy fought back, paying the Philharmonic (not to be confused with his friend, worst rapper alive Phil Harmonic) to play a four hour performance of the theme to and Son. Jack threatened to sue Tracy for every penny he had (“not the ones I’ve swallowed!”), Tracy explained that Jack had no grounds for libel.

Gary Oldman gives a transformative, Oscar worthy performance as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. The film takes place during the chaotic transition period the United Kingdom face in the midst of WWII and gives a glimpse of Churchill bumpy start to his successful era of leadership. Darkest Hour is a captivating drama with sprinkled humor throughout..

This week North Africa became the latest battleground for low cost airlines as EasyJet launched flights from Gatwick to Marrakesh from just 60 return. Atlas Blue, the low cost arm of Royal Air Maroc, has already begun services; Thomsonfly and Jet4You are scheduled to do so later this year; and Ryanair has promised 20 routes between European and Moroccan airports by 2010. And then there is a raft of charter flights.

This is why choosing the right one for them is so important. It is a tough call for parents. Do you want your kid to wear a durable frame that is also comfortable? Or should you consider their sense of style and let them decide if they want to wear something that resembles a visor worn by their favorite superhero? Most parents would love to go with the former option, but they also need to ensure that it is attractive enough for the child to want to wear them.

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