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Heuristics evaluation is frequently employed to evaluate usability. While general heuristics are suitable to evaluate most user interfaces, there is still a need to establish heuristics for specific domains to ensure that their specific usability issues are identified. This paper presents a comprehensive review of 70 studies related to usability heuristics for specific domains.

The literature presents many application programming interfaces (APIs) and frameworks that provide state of the art algorithms and techniques for solving optimisation problems. The same cannot be said about APIs and frameworks focused on the problem data itself because with the peculiarities and details of each variant of a problem, it is virtually impossible to provide general tools that are broad enough to be useful on a large scale. However, there are benefits of employing problem centred APIs in a R environment: improving the understanding of the problem, providing fairness on the results comparison, providing efficient data structures for different solving techniques, etc.

In this work, an enhanced stability and bioavailability of a known VEGF blocker aptamer sequence (WHLPFKC) was pursued through its tethering of molecular scaffolds based on hyperbranched peptides, the poly( lysine) dendrons, bearing three branching generations. The proposed design allowed simultaneous and orderly spaced exposure of sixteen aptamers per dendrimer to the surrounding biological microenvironent, as well as a relatively hydrophobic core based on di phenylalanine aiming to promote an hydrophobic interaction with the hydrophobic moieties of ionically crosslinked metacrylated gellan gum (iGG MA) hydrogels. The VEGF blocker dendrons were entrapped in iGG MA hydrogels and their capacity to prevent endothelial cell sprouting was assessed qualitatively and quantitatively using 3Din vitromodels and thein vivochick chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) assay.

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