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It has become increasing clear that the economies of Europe and the United States are closely linked in ways that have not been especially comfortable lately. Anxiety over Greece has dominated the conversation, but there’s also considerable anxiety over Spain and Italy. He’s a regular columnist now for The Times of London and he joins us from his home in Somerset in Southwest England.

The Akademiks Sew Cute Plaid Blouse is perfect for a warm, sunny day. This brightly colored plaid blouse has a ruching middle that creates an instant slimmer waistline and the deep neckline creates a sexy and alluring feel to a normally casual top. The tie closure on the back of the blouse makes this blouse look even more feminine and the hem perfectly hits the hips so it lies at perfect length..

If you are traveling by plane, you can ship food directly to your host home if they are OK with that. Nice to also bring a roller brush so you can keep hair off of the furniture, Grotts says. Researching dog parks nearby so you can entertain your pet and help him work off energy is a good idea, Pugh says..

The Godzilla franchise is one of the most enduring in the world, with over twenty eight films made in Japan and five in America. The last Japanese film,Godzilla: Final Wars, received extremely mixed reviews, and the last American version, Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla in 1998 which starred Matthew Broderick, was panned by critics and even nominated for several Golden Raspberry ‘Razzie’ Awards, the anthithesis of the Oscars. It’s refreshing then to finally have a new Godzilla film that isn’t awful..

I also find big food fascinating as a visual artist. Humankind started agriculture about 11,000 years ago and it’s become the biggest imprint we have on our planet. I realised that it’s an ecological issue too as the demand for food has caused us to take out more and more natural landscapes.What role do you think journalists can play in addressing these challenges within our food systems?The key thing is to have transparency and show people the realities of food production.

Over two thirds (67.8%) reported that they were sometimes or frequently reluctant to prescribe strong opioids for chronic non cancer pain. No significant relationships were observed between perceived frequency of prescribing and a range of demographic factors; however, concerns about physical dependence TM, long term commitment to prescribing TM and media reports TM were associated with less frequent reported prescribing of, and greater reluctance to prescribe, strong opioids.Discussion: Given the national trend for increased opioid prescriptions, it is unsurprising that more frequent self reported prescribing is reported here; however, increased frequency does not translate into less reluctance about prescribing. The effectiveness of strong opioids for chronic pain is recognised, but concerns about addiction, dependence and misuse inform a reluctance to use strong opioids.

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