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By “unblocked path” we mean a path that can be traced without traversing a pair of arrows that collide “head to head”. In other words, arrows that meet head to head do not constitute a connection for the purpose of passing information, such a meeting will be called a “collider”.This graph contains one collider, at t. The path x r s t is unblocked, hence x and t are d connected.

Preliminary results from Afghanistan’s long drawn out presidential elections have put former finance minister Ashraf Ghani in the lead over former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah. The two candidates faced off against each other after the first round of polling in April that saw Abdullah fall just short of outright majority. The preliminary second round results depict Ghani as winning 56.44% of the votes in the June 14 run off with Abdullah mopping up the remaining 43.56% of the ballots..

On the other hand, it is no coincidence that the inclusion of different types of music in Capturing Sound occurs in the academic context of contemporary modes of sound recording. Capturing Sound ranges chronologically from the late 19th century to the present, and over an eclectic assortment of musical genre and social sites and functions of musical practice. The case studies are preceded by seven traits of sound recording tangibility, portability, (in)visibility, repeatability, temporality, receptivity, and manipulability that Katz has developed grassroots up from his ambitious research.

That’s why they like the word Aryan because it is a reference to Aries the zodiac sign ruled by Mars. It’s all about war and what do whites do? War and nothing else. Everyone and everything is an enemy. But I don feel too bad, because they weren the ones who had to walk out into the light with everyone bursting into laughter again as they saw her face. They didn have to suffer through imitations and requests for a reprise for months on end. They didn have to deal with the embarrassment that not only had the entire sixth and seventh grade seen this, but the eighth and ninth grade were going to see it the next day, and they would all recognize my face just as well as the people my age had..

For me, no, the sunglasses are probably not. However my normal glasses that I occasionally have to wear are ray bans but that is because they are the ones that looked the best on me by far when i when glasses hunting. They also were over 300 cheaper online than in a shop.A friend of mine has light sensitivity issues and polarised clubmasters have been a life saver for her, they retain colour without dimming too much, have a nice tint so you can see her eyes when talking to her (important if you have to wear sunglasses most of the time) etc.

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