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Kamlakar Shete, Pune city vice president of Yuvak Kranti Dal, one of the students organisations said, sabha rally to condemn the CAA and yesterday attack on Jamia Millia Islamia University students by the police has been planned by various students organisations. There is lot of anger among the students and this will be seen in today protests. Bhim Army Bahujan Ekta Mission, a Dalit group also announced a protest at the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar garden near the Pune district collectorate.

And, secondly, he will be liberated. His world will open up. And I think, in many ways, so will ours. The AGN population is distinguished using different diagnostics and found to be 37% of the ELG population. The median SFR of the star forming population is 1.4 MTM/yr. We studied the spatial distribution of ELG and confirm the existence of two components in the redshift space.

The GBT spans a larger range of frequencies than other comparable centimeter/millimeter single dish telescopes, and is located in a continental, mid latitude region where weather is dominated by water vapor and small scale effects. As a result, the observing efficiency of the GBT is enhanced significantly by the GBT’s Dynamic Scheduling System (DSS), which allows observers to optimally match their desired weather conditions to their observations, resulting in considerably increased observing efficiency.Unlike “standard” telescope dynamic scheduling systems, the GBT DSS is not queue based. That is, the GBT DSS schedules observers, not scripts.

The staff at that bar area are a disaster. It was actually totally disgusting to watch, the cleanliness is very poor. (The standard reply of our food items are changed at certain times won’t apply as I marked 3 items at 7am, and they were still present at 4pm) Those items contained exposed fruit, lettuce, breads, etc.

In the case of historic dwellings, because of constraints imposed by their heritage value, improvements are not as easy as for the rest of the existing building stock. The paper concentrates on the proposed mixed methodology, which is centred on a selection of C.19th case study dwellings in Brighton, South East of England. Following a critical literature review, secondary data collection and analysis, interviews/questionnaires, measured surveys, data logging, thermal imaging and energy simulations are proposed in order to investigate the current energy performance and the possible improvements to suggest responsive and cost effective energy retrofits of the selected dwellings..

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