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Just over 56 per cent of registered voters in the 18 24 demographic cast ballots in the election that took the New Democrats to the threshold of power. But 18 months later, most of them relegated their ballots to the trash. Does not break down how the various age groups actually voted in the referendum, which saw “no” change triumph over “yes” to proportional representation by 61 per cent to 39..

MORE: Ben Affleck is being investigated for counting cards in a Las Vegas casinoMartin Scorceses’s 1995 epic is packed full of the creme de la creme of gangster actors. Joe Pesci, James Woods and Robert De Niro all reunite, while a manipulative Sharon Stone plays a hustler more dangerous than her Basic Instinct character. Set in the underground mob scene of the Vegas casino world, was described by critic Ellen Twadell as “a violent story of vice and virtue.”.

They don find their little firbolg running around, filling the ship with a exciting and warm presence. There is no one. And they mourn the loss of their Baby.. Yesterday the reality show president tweeted that if it weren’t for the media the enemy of the people, as he’s said before maybe his supporters wouldn’t be so angry that they’d be driven to try and murder public officials that Trump himself has vilified using extremist rhetoric. “A very big part of the Anger we see today in our society is caused by the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the Mainstream Media that I refer to as Fake News. It has gotten so bad and hateful that it is beyond description.

“I was a Republican in the 1980s, but I love Bill Clinton and he won me over. He’s the smartest guy I know.” The supermarket magnate and chairman of Red Apple Group, Inc., added: “I’ll probably use 90% of my own money, and I estimate it will cost $30 million.” The activist mogul thinks Mayor Bloomberg has done a great job, but “we still have a ways to go with the schools and other areas. I love New York.

Apple shares were down 6.5 percent to end at $93.80 as investors grappled with news of slowing sales growth of iPhones that have driven many booming quarters for the California tech giant.Apple raised the specter of the end of a technological era after reporting Tuesday the slowest growth sales ever of its market leading, life changing iPhone and warning it expects worse to come.The California technology colossus said it expects to see its first decline in iPhone sales in the current quarter on a year over year basis.Some of the softness comes from a strong US dollar and other global economic challenges, Apple said. The company sold a record 74.8 million iPhones in the December quarter, but the growth pace of two percent was the weakest since the 2007 launch of the device.Many analysts say Apple is evolving from a device making superstar racking up dizzying financial quarters to a company that can make a sizable and steady income from selling apps, digital music and more to the huge number of people using its devices. Shift to service “Apple currently is still viewed as a hardware company, with majority of their revenue coming from one product the iPhone,” Phillip Capital said in an analyst note Wednesday.”While it is not wrong to view them currently as such, Apple has taken strides to transition themselves into a service company.”Apple services include iTunes, iCloud, Apple TV, and the App Store along with Apple Pay.Apple reported that, over all, a billion iPhones, iPads, Macintosh computers, iPod touch devices, Apple TV units, and Apple Watch wearable computers had “engaged” with its services in the past three months.The banking firm Morgan Stanley said in a research note that “Apple has the world’s most valuable technology platform” and is thus “best positioned to capture more of its users’ time in areas such as health, autos and home, as these platforms expand in the Internet of Things computing era.”Investors drawn to Apple by its ability to wow the world with must have new gadgets and dazzle Wall Street by trouncing sales expectations might be put off by the idea the company could evolve into a predictable maker of money from services and content.”This is not Steve Jobs’s Apple, which had hit after hit,” said independent technology industry analyst Rob Enderle.”There may be good news in the Apple Watch and Apple TV, but because they don’t break them out in earnings results you can’t tell.”And Apple Watch remains tethered to the iPhone, analysts noted.Apple is widely expected to release new versions of the iPhone this year in a move that typically delivers a sales bump.The company also saw tremendous potential remaining in the smartphone market and would continue investing in the China market.Revenue in “Greater China” was up 14 percent for Apple but weaker in the US and Japan.”We remain very bullish on China, and, you know, don’t subscribe to the doom and gloom kind of predictions frankly,” Apple chief Tim Cook said during the earnings call.

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