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My good friend Lise Buyer, a principal at Class V Group, suggested that the folks attending TED might be elite in the same way Navy Seals are elite because of their disciplined training. This analogy became evident as I talked with dozens of people at the TED: pretty much everyone at TED were what I would call overachievers. This included things like working on world problems, climate change issues, philanthropy, social injustice, education and governmental reform, efficiently feeding the planet, diagnosing infectious deceases and providing vaccines..

I be spending a few days on the coast of Italy before visiting some friends in Provence, France. My recent trips to Europe have been for work, so I excited to relax, be a tourist and enjoy some time with friends. CasadeiKenneth Cole: Martha Vineyard.

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Disruption adversely affected the person with dementia, triggering constructive, disengaged, distressed and neutral behaviours. Using Kitwood’s model of person centred care, these behaviours were interpreted as attempts by the person with dementia at gaining a sense of control over the unfamiliar environment and experience. Family care givers’ lives and experiences both inside and outside the hospital were disrupted by the hospitalisation.

The band’s 10 song set featured seven unrecorded songs, my personal favorite being “Beach Video” (that’s the working title, for now) and a revamped Skooners’ song “War Drums.”Although most of the crowd had already packed up and moved on (probably to see Skrillex), the house show was, oddly, the best sounding “venue” Rusty Maples has played in Austin thus far. Their Wednesday set at the Local was just as solid, but crackling speakers and drunk patrons drowned out most of Blair’s vocals. House show set Friday, I think even the sound guy was recovering from the night before.

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