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But for whatever reason, we can state that not all Christians are evangelical, but all evangelicals are Christian! While many different denominations claim to follow those tenants, some will be wishy washy on the label. What I hope you see is that it is the Evangelical label that unites us with other mission minded believers across denominational lines, and while we can each claim the mantle of evangelical, we can also still retain our denominational identity. Like Inigo Montoya’s observation that a word used over and over could possibly be used outside of its definition so too does the culture of today use the word evangelical.

Bypolls to three Assembly seats in West Bengal are being held today, exactly six months after the BJP pulled off a shock result in Lok Sabha elections in the state. After a sustained onslaught by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, the BJP tally in the state rose from 2 to 18, while that of the ruling Trinamool Congress plummeted to 22. The three seats being voted on today are held by different parties Karimganj belongs to the Trinamool, Kharagpur to the BJP and Kaliaganj to the Congress..

One of the first things scientists realized early on in the Cold War is that the Universe is a noisy place, and that this extends across the electromagnetic spectrum. Meteors, lightning, cosmic rays and even distant astrophysical sources can seem to mimic certain signature aspects of nuclear detonations. The ability to discern the difference between human made and natural events became of paramount importance and remains so to this day: the hypothetical scenario of a Chelyabinsk style event over two nuclear armed states already on a political hair trigger edge is a case in point..

I would just like to say before tomorrow, before the ep comes out, before FAH play magcon, I just need to say that I am so freaking proud of these 4 people. I love them all so much and they deserve every amazing thing that they are getting. I can tell you first hand that they are some of the sweetest people in the world! I just can believe the band reunited and less than a year later they have an ep out, that insane! I couldn be more proud to be following a band.

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