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Apart from being the obvious launching pad for The Mile, the Yeoman’s large meeting room made it an ideal venue for wedding receptions, birthday parties, discos, antique fairs and those so called “gentlemen’s evenings”. In 1990, Allied sold the pub to Marstons, who, a year later, closed it and sold the building to McDonalds. Plans to demolish it altogether were thwarted but it was radically altered..

Background: Sleepio is a proven digital sleep improvement programme based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques. Users have the option to join an online community that includes weekly expert discussions, peer to peer discussion forums and personal message walls.Objective: The aims of this study were to (1) explore the reasons for deciding to engage with the Sleepio online community, (2) explore the potential benefits arising from engagement with the online community, (3) identify and describe any problematic issues related to use of the online community.Methods: In total, 100 respondents (70% female; mean age 51, range 26 82 years) completed the online survey. Most respondents had started Sleepio with chronic sleep problems (59% to to 10 years, 35% >10years), and had actively engaged with the online community (85% had made a discussion or wall post).

As the technologic era starts to kick in and people are becoming more used to computers and electronic devices in their homes, work and general lives, it is no wonder that electronic e book readers are beginning to take over the regular books which we are all used to seeing. In order for each of us to keep up with our daily routines and lives, we are beginning to rely upon these devices more and more, due to increased time constraints and other factors. The ability to store all things in one place and access them easily is something that we are all beginning to want and use day to day..

He grabbed an employee and threatened to shoot others in the store if she did not get her purse. An arrest warrant has been issued for 19 year old Jahaire Wilson, of North York. Police believe Wilson is responsible for stealing four cars in the Manchester and Dover Township areas, as well as taking a number of items from several other vehicles.

A sixth category, coercive strategies, was also documented. Evidence of adherence to de escalation elements of the care plan was documented in 58% of incidents. The reasons for the low compliance rate and very low documentation of patient involvement need further investigation.

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