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There are hammocks a shared kitchen an outdoor playground, and area for a BBQ. The pool was a perfect temperature, and clean. And there are plenty of chairs to lounge in around the pool area. The EC has given its nod to a programme under which UNDP interns will study, monitor and evaluate the patterns of voters in poll offices across six states during the forthcoming election season.”This is a breach of data security. Sharing such data can be dangerous to functional democratic elections. We shall take up this issue with the Prime Minister Office,” said a senior source in the external affairs ministry.The EC had earlier got into trouble over its plans to team up with Google on a project to help Indian voters access information about the entire poll process.Google had pitched an idea to the Election Commission to create a simpler and faster search tool for Indian voters to check whether they were registered correctly.After severe warnings from security agencies which feared that the United States government could use the information accrued by Google to intensify its spying operations the EC had to scrap the agreement..

[Photo: Pinterest]These unique designs would definitely make your summer sandals just that extra bit stylish. [Photo: Pinterest]How adorable is this single flower? Surely even our mums would love this one [Photo: Pinterest]We wouldn mind this cute flock following us around wherever we went. [Photo: Pinterest]This is definitely the perfect holiday accessory.

Y’all I dont want to hear anyone defend shipping people irl. Taehyung just shut down an Army that posted something about Taekook, telling them to stop and it unhealthy. People aren fictional characters. I don know how many there will be when you click that link, but last time I checked, there were 25,971. Yepp. And right now, it only been up for about six hours.At midnight, we got to go into the theatre (duh).

Now, logging in for rewards is an established practice in gaming. Be it free to play titles like Clash of Clans or big budget AAA games like Monster Hunter World, login rewards exist to keep players coming back. They’re sometimes referred to as retention bonuses, giving players a reason to return to a game ever so often..

Full bloods won go there he said. Was there once, but I never go back. Something bad happened there, long ago before Europeans ever arrived. Redskins, Week 15 preview: How can Doug Pederson avoid a letdown in Washington? Weighing the future of Alshon Jeffery (PODCAST)Eagles vs. Redskins, Week 15 preview: How can Doug Pederson avoid a letdown in Washington? Weighing the future of Alshon Jeffery (PODCAST)The Philadelphia Eagles will face off against the Washington Redskins in Week 15 at FedEx Field on Sunday. Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson will look to lead the Eagles to a second straight win with a limited group on offense..

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