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15th April 2013Quote: “I want to thank Liam Payne from One Direction, who I believe has named his dog Loki. Liam’s dog, Loki, is unquestionably better looking and certainly better bred and probably better known (than I am).” Tom Hiddleston acknowledges the pop star during his Best Villain acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards. The actor picked up the prize for his portrayal of Loki in Marvel’s The Avengers..

On Saturday night, things seemed to go better, and many of the more popular acts Cannibal Ox, Sleater Kinney, Boredoms, Aphex Twin were in Ackerman, a much more flexible performance space. Early in a set full of promising new songs, Sleater Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein urged the audience to dance because “especially in times like this, getting together and dancing communally is a good thing.” Truthfully, this admonition felt a little redundant when the band proceeded to rip into a rendition of one of their earliest hits “Call the Doctor.” The members of Sleater Kinney clearly agree with Christopher Small’s assertion that “music is not a thing at all but an activity, something that people do” (Small 2). For them, dancing especially following September 11th and during the war in Afghanistan belongs to the participatory activity of music, making ATP as much about the audience coming together as the specifics of performance.

If you would like to present a more professional image of your company, then you definitely want your staff to look at least presentable at all of the time. You might even have the best of services or products, the best of reputation and even with the best prices. However, if you do not look that presentable, then you will surely lose your business.

Mr Sharp was very disappointed and in my interview with him at the time I got the impression the whole concept was tossed out without much thought or discussion. We would have had a fast train service now, had the Cabinet been a bit more logical in its thinking. And that is the thinking of some of the Liberal’s political leaders today.

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