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Thousands of photographers submitted their amusing animal images to this year’s contest, and the winners were announced yesterday (Nov. 15) on the competition’s website.The photo “Shocked Squirrel,” captured by American photographer Mary McGowan, received not only the top prize of best overall photo, but also nabbed the Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award and Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures of the Land Award, contest officials said in a statement. [See the Hilarious Photos Taken by Contest Finalists]McGowan’s photo shows a wide eyed and open mouthed squirrel holding up both paws; the pose, interpreted through a “human” lens, makes the animal appear to be responding in horror to something appalling that it desperately wanted to stop.Other notable images, selected from 41 finalists, include a barely visible owl demurely peeking over a hill, a “smiling” blue shark and a trampolining fox.Whether or not nonhuman animals have a sense of humor is a subject of much debate, because humor and animal behavioral motivations can be tricky to define.

A nice pair of glasses should fit excellently. If it’s not hugging your temples and your ears that well, you may be better off not going for the pair at all. Discomfort can certainly ruin any look. This is the best place to get discounts on Ray ban aviator sunglasses. With their wide range for both men and women you are bestowed with a great number of options. First of all the classic Ray Ban aviator series is a very flexible one.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Yahoo News 360Is Trump’s Saudi relationship bad for America?A deadly shooting rampage by a Saudi Air Force student at a Florida naval base has drawn attention to President Trump relationship with the oil rich Gulf nation. In one of his first public statements on the shooting, Trump tweeted that he received condolences from the Saudi royal family and emphasized that the suspect “in no way shape or form” represents the Saudi people. Prisoner advocates say Anderson death and others illustrate how New York prison system fails to ensure the safety of inmates who might hurt themselves if left alone in a cell.

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