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Furthermore, an interaction between these predictors revealed that the number of translations was more affected by word frequency for more concrete words than for less concrete words. In addition, mixed effects modelling showed that word frequency, concreteness and English language proficiency were all significant predictors of whether or not a dominant translation was provided. Finally, correlations between the word frequencies of English words and their Chinese dominant translations were higher for translation unambiguous pairs than for translation ambiguous pairs.

Today we illustrate on the different materials used for eyeframes and eyeglasses frames, and their usability. These days compare to eyeglasses, contact lenses are becoming the favorable item to buy for the correction of vision. Here are the reasons why eye tests are important.

Chronic respiratory diseases are a major cause of worldwide mortality and morbidity. Although hereditary severe deficiency of 1 antitrypsin (A1AD) has been established to cause emphysema, A1AD accounts for only 1% of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) cases. Genome wide association studies (GWAS) have been successful at detecting multiple loci harboring variants predicting the variation in lung function measures and risk of COPD.

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Young has one hope of a better life at Nissan: The company says it only used the contractors to staff up quickly after the recession and wants to transition more of them into full fledged Nissan positions once they prove themselves worthy (executives recoil at the word “temp,” insisting that even the contract jobs are long term). But the process can seem painfully slow and elusive, requiring near perfect attendance, a squeaky clean record, and a decent helping of luck. Young figures he may already have ruined his chance, having missed a few days to show up for court dates to fight for custody of his son.

Those who do remain are being investigated if they write many opioid prescriptions, or doses above recommended guidelines. As the pain specialist Mary Lynch describes the process in the Canadian Journal of Pain, doctors targeted for reviews are made to substantiate their patients treatment plans for months on end. Some doctors have lost their licenses, others their prescribing privileges.

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