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It has power seats, power windows, power locks, tilt steering, cruise control, and power steering. The AM/FM/cassette stereo is the one straight from the Norwood, Ohio factory in 1987 (of course, there are plenty of ways to adapt this for modern music without ruining the cool originality of the unit.) Starting to get the picture? This interior is original and honest right down to the included storage bags for the T top glass. The only piece that not from the factory is the upgrade on the air conditioning to modern R134a.

Just as the process of resistance and repression increase on a global scale, so too does the process of global centralization and expansion of domination. Through crises, the global elites seek to construct the apparatus of a ‘global government.’ The major think tanks such as the Bilderberg Group have long envisioned and worked toward such a scenario. This ‘new world order’ being constructed is specifically for the benefit of the elite and to the detriment of everyone else, and will inevitably as by the very nature of institutions become tyrannical and oppressive.

Get More Hip Hop Jewelry Watches at The Most Affordable PricesAlthough there is a diversity of products sold by the hip hop jewelry sellers, the hip hop jewelry watch products are some of the most magnificent. It has inspired artisans and jewelers for centuries to create beautiful and amazing works of art. And was one of the first traded commercial goods.

If you never heard Boutique (their second album) you should check it out. When the record companies and the business side of the industry wanted them to make another Licensed to Ill, they did what true artists did and went to the frontier. It was ahead of it time.

The travel firm has launched a 360 degree video in conjunction with Tourism Australia, giving breathtaking views of some of Australia’s most incredible and remote locations. Viewers can experience the underwaters of Ningaloo Reef, the forests of Dandenong Ranges, and the cliffs of Cape Huay in the Tasman National Park, while getting right up close to kangaroos and whale sharks. The ad is set to a poem based around the line “How far would you go for the things you love?”.

“We got a quarter final on Tuesday against Liverpool. It looks like it be a very youthful Liverpool team. As I said, it was two games ago and now it three games ago, we come off the pitch at Old Trafford and were lauded for a really good performance after we dispatched Newcastle.

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