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/ Jonathan FutrellEmailTwitterPinterestFacebookLet’s face it: it’s sometimes so much easier being a man. Take fashion, for example. We men usually prefer classic, tried and trusted perennial style with just the odd contemporary tweak here or there.

Mou boots being produced from natural fiber of animal skin, makes the boots to be so soft. Most boots that we do possess one can bear with me are very hard on toes making a person to feel discomfort. Well, good news from Mou boots, is that they are so soft thus care and protection of toes are maintained.

This lack of attractiveness is possibly down to the issue of it turning a person into something resembling a small child so to an extent heaven sakes for that! However, do stoke the furnace, it will be hard to explain.Mesh Shirts and VestsFor a man the idea that a mesh shirt, or mesh vest could perform in a favourable manner in fashion terms is like saying mixing marmite and old slippers is a good idea as the colours are often similar!Mesh vests and shirts are the clothing equivalent of octogenarian bungee jumpers a bad idea! In fact, we can’t think of a single instance where a mesh piece of clothing would ever be a good idea. Perhaps for those who find regular clothing catching fire and require a draft, mesh clothing is a good idea we don’t know anyone with that problem however and can’t recommend them. There’s no excuse for poor clothing with the likes of daily deals sites offering up to 70 per cent off clothingSunglasses at Night/ IndoorsThough technically not exactly a fashion and more of a choice, wearing sunglasses inside is something that deserves to be punished by unfriending of the virtual and also real variety.

They wear the retro white jerseys ONLY two more times, isn that a shame?This team has overcome adversity, injuries and a coaching swap.What to come for the rest of the season? And how do they avoid a first round playoff flop?Now Lindholm! Now Backlund!Now, Doc and Johnny!On, Dube! On, Frolik!On, Andersson and Monny!To the edge of Calgary South, North, East and West!What next for this group, how can the Flames be at their best?Here a list of five things Santa should include on his sleigh.So GM Brad Treliving, doesn pick first overall on NHL Draft Day.1. GOOD TIDINGS (IN THE GOALTENDING DEPARTMENT)The biggest question mark heading into the 2019 20 season was if the Flames were going to get the type of goaltending they needed from David Rittich and Cam Talbot. Through 35 games, expectations have been exceeded.

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