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Is really, Ryan, you know, again, I’m gonna stop right there, Golden said. Just want him to keep going. I was almost, I was right there, you almost got me there. I wanted to be with you. But being with you would kill me from the inside out. You were the oxygen I needed but the poison that would kill me.

Which approach will have the greatest impact on this century releases of commercially distributed recordings or Internet access to deeper and quirkier collections? Only time will tell. It may be that the anthology was an artifact of the LP and CD era short lived, extremely influential, but eventually supplanted by something even richer, more individual, more multimedia, and just as exciting. Or it may be that users will recoil from too much information and learn from commercially distributed recordings.

Over time, this reduces your anxiety. PE also involves facing situations, activities, or places that you’ve been avoiding which remind you of your trauma. Again, this is done slowly, safely, and systematically. To quote the immortal political philosopher Matt Damon from Rounders, “The key to No Limit poker is to put a man to a decision for all his chips.” The only reason the Lloyd Blankfeins and Jamie Dimons of the world survive is that they’re never forced, by the media or anyone else, to put all their cards on the table. If Occupy Wall Street can do that if it can speak to the millions of people the banks have driven into foreclosure and joblessness it has a chance to build a massive grassroots movement. All it has to do is light a match in the right place, and the overwhelming public support for real reform not later, but right now will be there in an instant.

More than 27,000 customers were without power as Gordon began pushing ashore, mostly in coastal Alabama and the western tip of the Florida Panhandle around Pensacola, with a few hundred in southeastern Mississippi. Crews were already restoring electricity early Wednesday. As the storm passed overhead.

Purpose: To demonstrate methods that enable visual field sensitivities to be compared with normative data without restriction to a fixed test pattern.Methods: Healthy participants (n = 60, age 19 “50) undertook microperimetry (MAIA 2) using 237 spatially dense locations up to 13 eccentricity. Surfaces were fit to the mean, variance, and 5th percentile sensitivities. Goodness of fit was assessed by refitting the surfaces 1000 times to the dataset and comparing estimated and measured sensitivities at 50 randomly excluded locations.

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