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For functional outcome comparison, untreated patients with HCV and decompensated cirrhosis who were registered on a database 6 months before treatment was available were retrospectively studied. Primary endpoint was sustained virological response 12 weeks post antiviral treatment (treated cohort) and the secondary endpoint (both cohorts) was adverse outcomes (worsening in MELD score or serious adverse event) within 6 months.Results: 467 patients received treatment (409 decompensated cirrhosis). Viral clearance was achieved in 381 patients (81.6%) ” 209 from 231 (90.5%) with genotype 1 and 132 from 192 (68.8%) with genotype 3.

I use it by simply by applying it with my fingers on to my eye lids and gently in an upward stroke on my lashes as well. Then using a cotton ball, I carefully remove the cold cream and the makeup. Be careful not to rub, the skin around aging eyes is thin and fragile.

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The CBI had registered a case against Justice Quddusi in September 2017 for allegedly demanding and accepting bribe from Prasad Education Trust promising relief from the judiciary in their case related to debarment of their college by the government. Justice Quddusi was chargesheeted by CBI in July this year. The court took cognizance of CBI chargesheet last month itself..

Positive effects of skin exposure to the sun are attributed to UVB rays. UVB induces the production of vitamin D, which is responsible for maintenance of bone density, bone growth, and normal functioning of the nervous system. It also regulates immunity, cell proliferation, insulin secretion, and blood pressure.

WD had also left moisture in the air which led to a dense layer of fog in most of the northern plains including Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Uttar Pradesh except Delhi, where fog was moderate. When the fog lifted up a bit, it turned into low clouds shrouding the entire region. This didn allow sunlight to pierce through, said Srivastava..

“I don’t think that anybody, any mayor, should be able to give this city away for a 30 year contract,” Smith said. “I’m praying to God that metro council does not let this happen. You know, they gotta step back and look at what he’s gonna leave us with for the rest of our lives, and they gonna be as responsible as he is by making this bad decision.”.

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