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Volksheime or maisons du peuple existed all over Europe at the turn of the century, especially in Belgium, as central communal buildings that housed organized programs designed to ensure the workers’ well being. Heinrich Tessenow designed the Volksheim in Hellerau as more of a Wagnerian Festspielhaus, but in the style of primitive classicism. Built in 1911 12 for a sum of 1,450,000 Marks, Tessenow’s Festspielhaus dominated the entire community, its severe doric columns exuding an Apollonian spirit that set the tone for the events staged within its walls (Arnold 353).

We drank the water provided in the rooms , had coffee and ice in our drinks. EVERYTHING is safe. They provide drinking water in the rooms are in cute little carafes. From the heart of the G20 riots that shook Toronto in 2010 to the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and the World Cup in South Africa to the miracle of the Chilean miners, LaFlamme has had a front row seat to some of the most compelling stories of a generation. She has covered every angle of the aftermath of 9/11 from New York to Afghanistan, Iraq to Guantanamo Bay. Over the years, LaFlamme has reported extensively on the Canadian mission in Afghanistan as well as the humanitarian crisis facing the Afghan people..

Turns out that the poor sometimes blind soul our blogger buddies made semi famous has been suffering from vasoconstriction (muscle induced narrowing of the body’s blood vessels), and it is this malady that is responsible his bedroom blindness. Lucky for him, some doctor s figured all this out pretty quickly, gave him a dose of something magical, restored his sight and made all the world rosy again. This time for reals..

The Perlina Soft Hobo is also a great pick with its embossed wax leather and adjustable shoulder strap. When you need to carry a good amount of things in your purse, this is the one that will be able to hold just about anything you need to take with you. This hobo has a flat bottom so it will be able to sit erect when placed on the table or ground and the extra exterior zip pockets offer just an extra area to keep anything else in that you need.

Animated film came first (1980) and anime series is from 2007. Both are based on the manga by Keiko Takemiya ( from 1977 1980. As with Lensmen, classic sci fi, speculative fiction. Think Ray Bradbury.Tytania ( based on novels by Yoshiki Tanaka (LoGH, Heroic Legend of Arslan). Like LoGH, it set against the backdrop of war (rebellion and intergalactic) but inter family intrigue takes center stage.

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