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Every figure flaw and asset has some dress styles made specifically for them. Here we will take into account broad shoulders, which are looked upon as a flaw by many women but not anymore! Women do not like broad shoulders as they represent masculine physique. But if you know there are many celebrities and super models having broad shoulders and still walk on the ramp.

A good hand bag can be a lady best companion. It is a must have for every lady. A perfectly sized bag lets you carry all your essential as well as necessary items. She was head of make up for Rouge Bunny Rouge, for the International Fashion Week Poland. Over the last years Polka worked with, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Miguel Vieira, Nuno Gama, Waries Dirie, Barbara Gongini, 40 Kanye West dancers, Robert Kupisz and many more polish designers. She worked for Brands like: Levi’s, Marios, Massada Eyewear, Ray Ban, Swarovski, Wittchen, Bikor and for Magazines like: JOY, I D, K Mag, Glamour, Avanti, Pleasure, Schn!, Pani, Twj Styl, Elle, Zwierciado, Grazia Poland.

Yes, one Blue Ivy Carter swooped right into the 2016 VMAs and straight up stole the show. It was Blue Ivy’s world, and everybody else was just living in it. The entire world is abuzz today with musings over just how little Blue got so bad ass. For 8 nights, it was 200 euros each. We booked flights with easy jet and used resort hoppa for our transfers (very reasonable prices. 1hr 25min to resort from airport)On arrival to Dimitris Studios, the first thing that strikes you is the well maintained gardens and the view over the sea and nearby resorts.

Still, there are no illusions: genres that do well in India include action, adventure, thriller, horror, war, sci fi, romance and comedy. Animation is perhaps the toughest sell. “This genre has lower budgets and more focussed target audiences,” Mr Roy said.

I realised how easy development work is and how amiss I’ve been all these years. Now I hop from Indira Nagar to Valmiki Nagar to Gandhi Nagar on Sundays looking for people whose feet I can wash. There are beggars and hawkers, pickpockets and college youths, auto drivers and stray cows.

A fluent English speaker, when i asked if she had been afraid during the crossing she said “No i enjoyed it. I have never been on a boat before, It was very beautiful. I didn’t know if I was going to live or die, but thanks God we are here”.. The Governor spent the better part of the day tweeting about his failed attempt to get a proper briefing on the protests in Bengal. “In view of the enormity of the situation I have called upon Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to personally update me at Raj Bhawan tomorrow at a time of her choice. There is no response from Chief Secretary and DGP (Director General of Police) thus far.

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