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I enjoy all comments on my posts but keep it civil and I do enjoy a good debate on History, but like I post above in the Mother Jones Article on a New Mafia Order is how I will try and show my view by documentation with my information on the criteria or each event in History. I do not glorify the Sicilian Mafioso and especially it’s front fall guy Organization in the Americanized Version, I deplore the immense amounts of Chemical drugs brought in our country daily which I hate to testify was my main business from early teens to my 30s, I am very blessed to have lived through it and only thing I will say on my the Old Man, I am his Bastard Son which my mother was his mistress from 1954 till late 56 when I was around 9 mths old, she went back to her Husband. Sounds like a damn soap opera or Movie but it is surreal and I survived Hells Kitchens worst from 6 yrs old to 14 with 1 bullet hole and 4 major blade wounds i was moved to my present Home city in Hot Springs Ar..

A series of highly pure 1 alkyl 3 methylimidazolium hexafluoroantimonate (V) ionic liquids was firstly investigated by XPS. Reliable binding energy values for all elements within the samples were obtained by applying a C 1s fitting model previously employed for other imidazolium ionic liquids, based on setting the C 1s aliphatic component to 285.0 eV when alkyl chains are longer than 8 carbons. Reduction of [SbF6] anion to volatile SbF3.

The Democrats have been trying to Impeach Trump for one thing after another, because they have so much corruption and criminal activity at risk of being exposed if they don’t keep the pressure on him, and do everything within their power to convince the American people that it is Trump, not them, that are the criminals. Are filled with corruption of the worst sort, and they can’t be trusted (nor the MSM). That is why there is a President Trump in the first place..

“Market studies and domestic box office collections reveal that the appetite for Hollywood movies has seen an upward trend. Language has brought in greater access to Hollywood movies. Viewers today increasingly look at watching movies in their native language to derive greater joy.

Twelve suitable consecutive admissions were recruited from a specialist intellectual disability (ID) assessment and treatment unit for adults. Video recordings of PsyMot (ID) allowed assessment of interrater reliability (IRR). Treatment goals indicated by PsyMot (ID) were addressed using psychomotor therapy as part of a comprehensive program of interventions.Results.

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