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Ramban deputy magistrate Nazim Zai Khan said, 7.45pm, a CRPF vehicle carrying Kumar was hit by a big boulder near Khooni Nullah. Khan said the DIG and his driver died on the spot while his bodyguard Mohammad Sharief Khan of Uri has been shifted to Army Command Hospital in Udhampur and chances of his survival looked may be stated that Jammu Srinagar national highway remained blocked since Thursday following heavy snowfall and rain On Saturday, rain had triggered big landslides in Digdol, Nashri, Panthial and other areas on the highway in Ramban district. The road was cleared of the debris late in the afternoon and some vehicles, including that of the DIG, were allowed to pass on priority, the officials said..

St. James’s Palace said that Thatcher and Major received invitations because they’re both Knights of the Garter, unlike Blair and Brown. Major also was appointed a guardian to William and Harry after Diana’s death.The wedding caps a nearly decade long relationship for William and Kate, who met in 2001 as students at the University of St Andrew’s in Scotland, and began dating a year or so later.

You will notice them staring (not the jealous or appreciative kind), you will feel their worry or sadness, you will feel the awkwardness around you alllllll the timeyou be sore or in pain most of the day: sitting hurts, lying down hurts, all your bones are sorethink you be the prettiest and thinnest in school/uni/work? what school/uni/work? you think you can be in school/uni/work? no! you won have the concentration to pass your classes, you too preoccupied with food your body, you have no energy to get through a working week, and if you suffer from anxiety and/or depression, those might get worse too! sooner or later you have to take a break from whatever occupation, isolating you further anything you think you do better or more confident when you thin is a lie: you loose your passion or interest in your hobbies, you loose your energy, and confidence isn built by the way you look (especially when you still feel bad about yourself anyway, that why eating disorders are DISORDERS). Thin and brittle hair nails, blue toes lips, eyebags for daysemotions flatten, so you be enjoying things less your personality changes: you become secretive, impatient with others when it doesn go your way, and even real mean when it comes to food: angry and defensive when food isn there on time, or when people try to make you eatMoral of the story: restricting yourself isn the answer to what you experiencing and feeling. Consider reaching out to whatever help you can find, and be honest to yourself.

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