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I was surprised. I replied, “I can do anything right now. He asked me was I still shot calling. I hear rhythms and pulses and most of all I can sort of feel the form. It appears, in fact, that the and pulses were, both for Bernstein and his audience, part of a lingua franca that already engaged in a convivial dialogue with concert and popular music styles. Although certainly one of West Side Story’s ultimate achievements lies in its successful synthesis of these two larger traditions, the adoption of a specific ethnic style in a serious and self consciously work has ultimately, and perhaps unexpectedly, earned for the musical Hispanic a level of legitimacy it had never before achieved..

And you think it would be some sort of support, and I sure in the end it was (that and all of you being there), but at the same time Josh is an actor, a public figure, who is put under a spotlight every day. I didn realise until today just what that means in terms of coming out. You aren just telling your family at dinner, you aren just making a post on your instagram and slowly coming out to others in your life.

Then it research. I re viewed many of the films under consideration. I looked at the IMDb list of the top 250 films, as voted on by the site members. There were some wake up calls along the way. In 2007, China shot down one of its own weather satellites from a low orbit a not so subtle demonstration of capability. In 2013, China fired a device much higher about 18,600 miles into space, uncomfortably close to geosynchronous orbit at about 22,000 miles, where some of our most precious satellites dwell, including ones that provide military communications and others that warn of nuclear missile attacks.

To Bishop Hill: Your Grace, perhaps you could chase up the email where one of the CRU crew says he will only give McIntyre data in a raw and unorganised form. We can use this to test the documents for authenticity. For McIntyre in Climate Audit some time ago complained vigorously over precisely this practice.

The sight of Octavia Spencer the warm, supportive character in The Help and Hidden Figures brings on a Pavlovian smile. So it goes in the first few seconds of the Ma trailer, when she buys a group of local teens some beer. Then the soundtrack quickly shifts to freaky thriller music, and we watch as she turns into a crazed stalker who makes threats, locks high school kids in her basement and sews their lips together.

Las Vegas, another new NBC drama, features a young woman who is empowered largely by her good looks and sexual aggressiveness. But most of the good looking young guys in Las Vegas are afraid to sleep with her because of her dad (James Caan), a former CIA operative now in charge of security for one of the city’s largest casinos. She is totally under the influence of Dad..

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