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The reality is that Facebook is the biggest, most centralized way to stay in touch with far flung friends and family members. Quitting Facebook is akin to withdrawing from a part of your community. Most people don do it.. As a girl growing up I thought that one day, like the ugly duckling, I would turn into a beautiful (thin and model like) swan. It wasn’t until I was well into my twenties that I realised that this was it. By this time the media and fashion (it was the seventies and a time of satin slacks, hot pants and macram bikinis) had well and truly done my self image in, as the person looking back from the mirror wasn’t a Charlie’s Angel, Daisy Duke, Olivia Newton John or Donna Summer.

Remember that proposition that everyone on campus was blabbering on about a few weeks ago? Yeah, Prop 30! After the relentless campaigning by pretty much everyone who was politically active on campus which is to say, everyone it passed by a solid seven percent. When it hits, it’s going to raise sales taxes on everyone in the state yes, that includes all of you hardworking, money deprived college students by a quarter of a cent. So regardless of how it costs more than a penny to make one and how limited their utility actually is, it’s imperative that we keep it.

To construct my argument, I will briefly illustrate the broader hip hop aesthetic. Couched in this aesthetic perspective, I argue that hip hop seeks to continuously revise its history, and thus the creation (and consistent recreation) of the mythologized “golden age” in the hip hop imaginary was the fuel that instigated the underground movement in its nascent stages. This is the moment where the underground emerges as savior, a messiah of the populist conception of hip hop culture.

The New Town departed from the exuberant flourish of the Baroque with a religious zeal. The free spirited wiles of curvature and ornate extravagance gave way to discipline and rectitude. Thus the graceful flow of bold and sweeping designs were stemmed by the sturdy and uncompromising ranks of the Georgian elevation.

But as you can see from our shoot which is based on Kildare Village’s stores, both fashion and activity orientated we were not short of options to hit the slopes in style. Kildare Village has many sports and outdoor activity stores that literally take you from the gym and running, to sailing and skiing. It was chosen by activity wear brand, Under Armour, to house their first ever European outlet store.

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