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The Vince Oversized Roll Plaid Shirt looks perfectly with a pair of leggings and some great booties. It is stylish and chic, but also casual when needed. Dress up this plaid tunic a bit more by pairing it with a belt to create a smaller waist and add some fun glitzy accessories to really make it all sparkle.

Agency Cutwater and director Karen X worked on the campaign, choosing four real mothers and their children from over 40 applicants and shooting over the course of two days in their real homes. The cameras in the kids’ Snapchat Spectacles give a child’s eye view of authentic moments in their lives with moms cleaning up messes, having toy cars run over their feet, patching up knee scrapes and giving hugs. Moments were captured in 10 second bursts through Spectacles.

I purchased a vintage pink leather trousers from them today. On the way back, my head was filled with the ethics of buying leather products, largely due to the increasing vegan demography in my current life. In the end I justified the trousers are second hand, surprisingly fit me perfectly and therefore I absolutely love them.

Though Bimal Roy was already something of a legend in the film world by this time, his films had not been commercially altogether successful. The recent documentary film (2007) by his son Joy Roy, Remembering Bimal Roy, suggests that he was indifferent to considerations of money and profit. Nevertheless, Madhumati (1958), a much lighter film scripted by Ritwik Ghatak that paired Dilip Kumar with Vyjayantimala, did extraordinarily well at the box office, helped no doubt as well by the memorable lyrics of Salil Chaudhary and Lata Mangeshkar’s beautiful rendering of its songs.

Even pursuing knowledge within Hellenism requires a great deal of effort and research to understand what was once done and how it relates to us in the now, to say nothing of reading and understanding the myths we told as kids are not the end of our research. You can not just pick up a candle with Yemoja face on it and suddenly call yourself a practitioner of Yoruba, despite what New Age thinking says you can do. The religious practices of people of color are not for sale, are not to be spread around, and were never meant to be practiced by the descendants of the people who murdered those to whom they belong.

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