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Monsoon season is where it rains practically every day and it also know as the wet season. Thailsn tourist number do drop but there are some other great places to explore in Southern Thailand during the monsoon season like Khao Sok which is only a few hours away from Phuket. Its a beautiful rainforest which is even more diverse than the amazon rainforest and is still a beautiful place to visit in th wet season.

It fun to look back and see the themes that define my personal style over the years colored denim, stripes, polka dots, scarves and chambray. I nearly into my eighth (can you believe it?) year of daily outfit photos and I think it will be wonderful to some day in the future to look back and have not only a huge body of work, but a gateway into so many memories. I can still tell you what I was doing on most of these days whether it was warm or freezing when we took the photo, or if I woke up on the right side of the bed.

Background: A qualitative study of maternal perceptions of home safety advice. The aim was to gain an understanding of maternal perceptions of and possible barriers to the implementation of home safety advice.Methods: Semi structured interviews with 37 mothers with a child aged less than 5 years of age; 16 were mothers living in an area of socio economic disadvantage (with a high rate of childhood unintentional injury), 21 were mothers living in an area of relative affluence (with a low rate of childhood unintentional injury). Thematic analysis was used to analyse the data.Results: Although some mothers living in both areas found talking to a health professional about child home safety was helpful, mothers in both areas tended to find talking to other mothers as being more helpful and they preferred this to talking to a professional.

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See the full list: Hotels near Patong Beach.What are the best luxury hotels in Patong?Popular luxury hotels in Patong include Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong MGallery Hotel Collection, Amari Phuket, and Rosewood Phuket. See the full list: Patong Luxury Hotels.Which hotels are closest to Phuket Intl Airport?Popular hotels close to Phuket Intl Airport include Airport Mansion Phuket, Splash Beach Resort by Langham Hospitality Group, and S4 Naiyang Beach Phuket. See the full list: Hotels near (HKT) Phuket Intl Airport.What are the best hotels near Freedom Beach?A few of the most popular hotels near Freedom Beach are Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong MGallery Hotel Collection, Crest Resort Pool Villas, and Absolute Twin Sands Resort Spa.

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