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This method aims at improving durability and reducing settlement by modifying both stiffness and the ability of energy dissipation of the layer. The paper introduces the potential of this technology as material to be used in railway track beds by presenting the results of a laboratory based investigation using the Precision Unbound Material Analyser (PUMA). Different variables such as ballast grading, bitumen emulsion dosage, compaction method and stress levels are considered.

We love it when past Beauty Police victims redeem themselves and show us they can obviously take a little constructive criticism. We hammered Sophia Bush a few short months ago for wearing a thick wall of bangs and matronly makeup, demanding she tried to look her age. Last night at the BeautyCon Kick off Event she redeemed herself with a youthful braid and a glowing fresh face that made her look even younger than her 31 years..

So I set up a new little one just to see if that disappears as well.It hasn’t yet but I don’t know how long to wait before becoming confident it won’t be. Of the others that have been banned five I cannot access at all and the other one is”suspended under review”, but I don’t hold out much hope.Content wise they were pretty much the same thing as I do on here.Apart from all that I thought Google Sites was really neat. Completely free, easy to set up.edit: They had no dodgy SEO or backlinks on them.

Unfortunately words reached my ear that some of you are having troubles with their Santas/giftees again which makes me very sad. I can totally understand that something unexpected happens in real life which effects the participation in this event, but I cannot understand why people cannot send a quick information. Please, please, please if any of you is not able to participate anymore, send me an ask or message and tell me! Only that way I can make new arrangements for your Santa/giftee..

Have to do the same with privacy on the wearables side. Glass, one of the most closely watched platforms in wearables, currently doesn allow advertising. The devices, still in trial phase, could have a more widespread rollout by the end of the year, though that isn a certainty, company co founder Sergey Brin said at a technology conference in May.It wasn until 2011 four years after the debut of the iPhone that ads on smartphones took off, Yeager said, indicating that it will still be a while until wearable ads mature into viable businesses.Tom Neumayr, a spokesman for Apple, declined to comment on any plans for a smartwatch.Pebble WatchStill, advertising, which generated 84% of Google revenue last year, is set to be integral to wearable gadgets.

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