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The present paper describes a method of predicting the failure of a thermal barrier coating system due to interfacial cracks and cracks within bulk coatings. The interfacial crack is modelled by applying cohesive interfaces where the thermally grown oxide is bonded to the ceramic thermal barrier coating. Initiation and propagation of arbitrary cracks within coatings are modelled using the extended finite element method.

Ludtka: One of the main storylines as we get ready for the MLS Cup Championship, is it’s a rematch with you in Toronto. It’s the third game in this huge series since, and by chance, you guys are playing them again for the third time in the MLS Cup final. Do you look at it as a rematch?.

Indians in Caribbean nations have been settled so long there that they have no living memory of India, and the principal relations that these Indians have is, and perforce must be, with members of other communities, mainly Africans. There is no properly speaking, in Trinidad or Guyana: one can only speak of Trinidadians, Indo Trinidadians, Indo Guyanese, and even East Indians. These designations are not without their problem: thus the term with its invocation of the unitary nation state, obscures the racial divide between Afro Trinidadians and Indo Trinidadians, while Indians renders the Indians into parochial figures, implicitly disloyal, at the same time as it makes the Africans the true inheritors of the Indian legacy..

And Salvati, L. And Sandri, M. And Savelainen, M. In the estimation of motion vectors through integration of ambiguous local motion measurements at different positions, conventional theories assume that the object motion is a rigid translation, with motion signals sharing a common motion vector within the spatial region over which the aperture problem is solved. However, this strategy fails for global rotation. Here we show that the human visual system can estimate global rotation directly through spatial pooling of locally ambiguous measurements, without an intervening step that computes local motion vectors.

Adverse drug reaction (ADR) is widely concerned for public health issue. ADRs are one of most common causes to withdraw some drugs from market. Prescription event monitoring (PEM) is an important approach to detect the adverse drug reactions. In a letter made public Monday, students from 24 universities across the country, including UC Berkeley, Yale and Harvard, have pledged not to apply for, interview for or accept jobs at Palantir while the company has ties to ICE. More than 270 UC Berkeley students have signed the letter as of press time.”We call on the company to cancel its contracts with ICE and we call on all students to join us in withholding our talent from Palantir,” the letter reads.The software giant is one of 43 companies participating in the UC Berkeley EECS department’s Corporate Access Program, or CAP. For an annual fee of $20,000, Palantir is given “unique access” to recruiting opportunities with EECS students, including interviews on campus, promotional events and recruiting events.Sarah Yang, assistant dean of marketing and communications at the College of Engineering, said in an email that aside from verifying that companies participating in CAP are real, the EECS department does not place restrictions on which companies join the program.”Instead, we feel that it is important that our students have the ability to make their own judgments about which companies they want to join,” Yang said in the email.Palantir currently sells two tools to ICE.

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