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The transition to Higher Education can be challenging for some students, not just the practicalities of becoming the ‘responsible adult’ coping with day to day living coupled with the excitement of new found freedom, but educationally too. Many know “Uni will be different”, realise the expectation of being an ‘independent learner’ but observations have indicated that sometimes this is where their knowledge and or motivation ends. Feedback from our 2013/14 NSS identified a growing level of concern from the students themselves regarding the commitment and engagement from some of their peers.

Just find being a lesbian and that across the board, not just how I express myself sexually very liberating. I think lesbians have [pause] greater opportunities for self expressions and just developing confidence that the parameters of heterosexuality don either allow or encourage [ I kinda feel that women and men communicate differently and [laugh] I don know what that says but I think they have different understandings of words and expressions and to that end I think women in relationships are more likely to speak the same language. [ you know men, they just not in the same head set as women.

“New Age” whether one applies the term to music or sex or religion or politics or diet or psychology is a sensibility that deliberately eludes the chains of definition. (D. Hall 13)According to David Regneri, who sells it in his music store, it is various musics linked to the values claimed since 1973 by New Age Journal: “wholeness, spirituality, relationships, self healing, universal brotherhood and sisterhood, creativity, and oneness with the universe.” Developed mostly in Germany, Japan, and California, it includes “Space Music,” electronic music with a dreamy, “otherworldly” quality; George Winston’s piano music with a “percussive style” that is yet flowing and quiet; Celtic harp; Japanese folk melodies on flute; singing in Gaelic; Mozart played on synthesizer, sampler, and acoustic instruments and inlaid with “naturally recorded” ocean sounds; Native American chanting and singing combined with synthesized music.

Keep readingChanel Glasses Look Scholarly, Yet Not Nerdy In Your Corrective EyeglassesYour mother advised you to eat your carrots and leafy vegetables rich in beta carotene to ensure good eyesight but you didn’t listened. Thus, you have a bad case of a combination of myopia and astigmatism that prevents you from clearly seeing the notes written by your instructor on the board. It’s making classroom learning hard for you.

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