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I am not going to get all morally superior with this and preach about this season being more than just winning games. I pounded my fist on my desk after his second miss of the day. I spewed profanity when the extra point was blocked (in fairness that was not Ficken fault)..

The few firms that do make personalized eyeglasses today largely outsource the labor or rely on technology to scan the face and create a 3 D model. But Knight uses a 19th century facial caliper. Along with basic optometry, he studied how to hone horn, create custom nose molds and make wooden prototypes..

But Coney knows only about what’s out there now, and she worries that as the equipment gets cheaper, it will become more pervasive and harder to regulate. Courthouses and in airports in the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Thailand and the Netherlands. She wonders whether the machines will someday show up in malls..

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As it is now, I can not stand in one place for any length of time, Oxycodone or not. The deterioration of my spine is due in no small part to my care of my wife of 50 years who has MS and who needs my help getting up out of her recliner onto the electric wheel chair onto the toilet or bath and back and forth again all day 24/7. My options are to have nerves in my spine cauterized one side at a time until they find out which side is causing the problem.

A pioneer in the field of online local journalism, Berkeleyside benefits from its large community of highly engaged readers.In 2018, the Northern California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists honored Berkeleyside executive editor Frances Dinkelspiel with the 2018 Longform Storytelling award (in the print/online small division) for her article,One day, one night: The fuse that lit the Battles of Berkeley. Also in 2018, Berkeleyside was named Best Local Twitter Account in the East Bay ExpressBest of the East Bay 2018 awards.In 2017, Berkeleyside was honored by the San Francisco Press Club, winning first place awards in the digital media division for overall excellence, for breaking news, and for coverage of theNovember 2016 election, among other awards. Also in 2017, Berkeleyside Senior Reporter Emilie Raguso was named Journalist of the Year by the NorCal chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.In 2016, Berkeleyside won an Excellence in Journalism Award from SPJ NorCal for its comprehensive coverage of homelessness in Berkeley.In 2015 Berkeleyside won Best Local Twitter Account in the East Bay from the East Bay Express.In both 2013 and 2014, Berkeleyside wasthe winner of the SPJ NorCal Excellence in Journalism Award for Community Journalism.

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